Insect Biotech Conference

Due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, IBC2021 will be held virtually June 2-3, 2021!



Andrew Donini and Jean-Paul Paluzzi, York University

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Plenary speaker:

Prof. Karla Kaun, Brown University

Plenary title:  To drink or Not(ch) to drink: How alcohol molecularly influences memory circuits

Summary:  Investigating how drugs of abuse affect molecular mechanisms within reward memory circuits is key to understanding how cravings are acquired and expressed. Combining forward genetics, transcriptomic and detailed circuit mapping approaches in Drosophila, we’ve shown how alcohol influences the a highly conserved cell-signaling pathway, called Notch, to affect gene expression required for memory formation. Our work provides direct evidence that alcohol induces immediate changes in Notch signaling. This leads to gene expression changes required for neuronal plasticity in memory-encoding neurons. Activation of Notch signaling also correlates with expression of alternative transcript isoforms of key genes that regulate multiple forms of memory. This process was very dynamic, and appeared to result in different transcript isoforms of the same gene being expressed after formation of alcohol memory. This suggests that alcohol alters gene expression while memories are becoming encoded, potentially strengthening memories for alcohol. Using circuit mapping techniques, we are investigating how this molecular change can influence a dynamic shift from circuits that form memories to circuits that initiate cue-induced behavioral responses

IBC2021 Details:

IBC2021 will be held virtually on Zoom on June 2-3, 2021

Conference costs:

Principal Investigators / Retirees - $25
Post-Doctoral Fellows, Graduate Students, and Technicians - $25


Registration link will be available soon (~mid January). Registration fees offset IBC administrative costs, support trainee awards and cover accounting fees. IBC is a registered not-for-profit organization so any surplus in registration fees is distributed in the form of awards for best presentations by trainees. Conference registration payment must be made upon submission of the IBC2021 registration either by E-transfer (to Jean-Paul Paluzzi) or by credit card (below).


For IBC2021 registration payment by credit card, please use the following link.



After paying your registration fee, please register your contact details and/or submit an abstract using the following link for the oral presentations by May 12th, 2021.

Please follow the specified formatting guidelines when submitting your abstract.  A sample abstract submission can be found here.

Important Dates to Remember:

Registration (and payment) and abstracts due:  May 12, 2021 (new extended deadline)

Tentative Meeting Schedule:

Wednesday June 2nd, 2021:

        9am-9:45am: Plenary lecture: Dr. Karla Kaun, Brown University

        10:00am-12:30pm: Morning Scientific Sessions

        12:30-1:30pm: Lunch social (virtual brown bag social)

         1:30-4:00pm: Afternoon Scientific Sessions

Thursday June 3rd, 2021:

        10:00am-12:30pm: Morning Scientific Sessions

        12:30-1:30pm: Lunch social (virtual brown bag social)

         1:30-4:00pm: Afternoon Scientific Sessions


Following past practices, there will be two types of presentations.  Standard seminar type (long talks) and short talk opportunities for those who wish to highlight their research for exposure but not for detailed explanation (ideal for graduate students early in their research career and for those more experienced who want to highlight a new or early area of discovery). These short talks replace the poster sessions.

Long talks: 15 minute talks, ~5 minute questions (20 min total)
Short talks: 5 minute talks, maximum 5 slides, ~5 min question period (10 min total)

For more information contact us by email: Andrew Donini and Jean-Paul Paluzzi

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