Principal Investigator:

Jean-Paul Paluzzi, Ph.D.


FOR FALL, 2020.***

Graduate student positions are available for motivated and enthusiastic individuals to study arthropod vector physiology and comparative neuroendocrinology!
Our overall research focus involves fundamental endocrine research and studies neuroendocrine systems in arthropod disease vectors, including ticks and mosquitoes, which feed on the blood of humans and other vertebrates.
Diversity in the Paluzzi lab is our greatest strength so any and all individuals are encouraged to apply. Applications from individuals underrepresented in biology and more broadly in any STEM-related field are strongly encouraged to apply!

Initial deadline to apply is normally in mid-February.
Start date for positions is Sept. 1st, 2020 !

Post-doctoral fellow(s):

Dr. Leena Thorat

Project: Mechanisms for overcoming desiccation stress and CRISPR/Cas-9 techniques in insects.

Graduate Students:

Farwa Sajadi (PhD candidate) 

Project: Anti-diuretic hormones and their actions in the adult Aedes aegypti mosquito.


Aryan Lajevardi (M.Sc. candidate) 

Project: Neuropeptides regulating gut physiology in arthropod vectors of disease.


Salwa Afifi (M.Sc. candidate)

Project: ACP and other GnRH-related peptides in insects.

Undergraduate students in the lab:

Michaela Grossi (BIOL4000 thesis)
Hiva Afsharian (practicum student)
Massima Armani (practicum student)
Thomas Nguyen (research assistant)

Lab Alumni:

Student (course, term)                                           Current position                           

David Rocco (PhD, 2014-2019)                           Post-doctoral fellow.,
Sunnybrook Research Institute

Hanad Adan (BIOL4000, FW18/19)                      MSc student (Queens U)

Manpreet Kooner (BIOL4000, FW18/19)               (pursuing further studies)

Doeon Lee (BIOL4000, FW18/19)                         (pursuing further studies)

Ola Salama (two-term practicum student)             MSc student (U Manitoba)

Azizia Wahedi (MSc, 2016-2018)                          Research Tech., Sick Kids

Daniel Correia (BIOL4000, FW17/18)                    M.Biotech (U of T)

Farwa Sajadi (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                      PhD student (York U)

Aryan Lajevardi (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                  MSc student (York U)

Fidan Guseynova (BIOL4000, FW16/17)              Science Academic Advisor (York U)

Basma Nazal (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                      MSc student (Guelph)

Christine Paputsis (BIOL4000, FW15/16)              M.Biotech (U of T)

Alireza Oryan (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                     Dental school (Rutgers)

Andreea Matei (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                   Medical school (U of T)

Carmela Curcuruto (BIOL4000, FW15/16)            PharmD (U Waterloo)

Azizia Wahedi (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                    Research Tech., Sick Kids

Doo Hyun Kim (BIOL4000, FW14/15)                    Dental school (NYU)

Afra AlDhaheri (BIOL4000, FW14/15)                    Medical school (U.A.E.)

Mikwi Cho (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                           MSc candidate (U Alberta)

Anam Qudrat (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                      PhD candidate (U of T)

Ali Uyuklu (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                            Medical school (St. George's)