Principal Investigator:

Jean-Paul Paluzzi, Ph.D.


Graduate Students:

David Rocco (Ph.D. candidate) 
Project: Glycoprotein hormone and its receptor in mosquitoes


Azizia Wahedi (M.Sc. candidate)

Project: Elucidating neuropeptide actions through receptor characterization in Aedes aegypti.


Farwa Sajadi (M.Sc. candidate) 

Project: Anti-diuretic hormones and their actions in the adult Aedes aegypti mosquito.


Aryan Lajevardi (M.Sc. candidate) 

Project: Neuropeptides regulating gut physiology in arthropod vectors of disease.

FOR FALL, 2019.***


Undergraduate students in the lab:

Doeon Lee (NSERC USRA)
Thomas Nguyen (summer practicum student)
Melissa DeLuca (summer practicum student)
Nicole Finneli (summer practicum student)
Hanad Adan (summer practicum student)

Lab Alumni:

Student (course, term)                                         Current position                           

Daniel Correia (BIOL4000, FW17/18)                    M.Biotech (U of T)

Farwa Sajadi (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                      MSc student (York U)

Aryan Lajevardi (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                  MSc student (York U)

Fidan Guseynova (BIOL4000, FW16/17)              Science Academic Advisor (York U)

Basma Nazal (BIOL4000, FW16/17)                      MSc student (Guelph)

Christine Paputsis (BIOL4000, FW15/16)              M.Biotech (U of T)

Alireza Oryan (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                     Dental school (Rutgers)

Andreea Matei (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                   Medical school (U of T)

Carmela Curcuruto (BIOL4000, FW15/16)            PharmD (U Waterloo)

Azizia Wahedi (BIOL4000, FW15/16)                    MSc student (York U)

Doo Hyun Kim (BIOL4000, FW14/15)                    Dental school (NYU)

Afra AlDhaheri (BIOL4000, FW14/15)                    Medical school (U.A.E.)

Mikwi Cho (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                           MSc candidate (U Alberta)

Anam Qudrat (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                      PhD candidate (U of T)

Ali Uyuklu (BIOL4000, FW13/14)                           MSc candidate (York U)